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Patient Transport

At MCP Medical, we provide a professional high-quality Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS) across Northern Ireland.  We operate 365 days a year covering NHS Patient Transport and also provide Private Hospital & Medical Appointment Transfers.  We also give the ability for those who need travel, whom may require specialist assistance the freedom to get from A to B knowing they are in safe hands.

What is Non Emergency Patient Transport?

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services, often abbreviated as PTS, represents a specialized healthcare service offered by the National Health Service (NHS) with the primary purpose of facilitating the transportation of patients to and from various NHS healthcare facilities, most notably hospitals. This invaluable service is tailored to cater to the unique medical mobility requirements of individuals whom typically possess specific medical needs that necessitate safe and comfortable transport options, which can encompass a range of conditions such as the requirement for transportation via stretcher, wheelchair, or frequent visits to renal dialysis centers.

PTS serves as a vital component in the healthcare ecosystem by ensuring the seamless and timely movement of countless patients throughout the year. It acts as a critical link in the chain of care delivery, enabling individuals with specialized mobility needs to access the necessary medical attention and services they require, thereby promoting their overall well-being and contributing to the efficiency of the healthcare system. Each year, PTS facilitates the transportation of millions of patients, demonstrating its essential role in ensuring equitable healthcare access and support for those who rely on it.