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Our team of expert medical and rescue staff are prepared to meet your legal Health and Safety needs for any event. This includes but is not limited to;  motorsport,  music festivals, community gatherings, sporting events and TV / Film productions

With over 35  collective years of hands-on experience in areas such as frontline medical response, health and safety, motorsport management, water and difficult access rescue. Our team proudly take on challenging events and conditions to make sure your event can proceed with ease.

Available Services

We’re committed to partnering with you to tailor a event coverage plan that fits your exact needs and complies with all legal regulations. For more information, please feel free to reach out to us.

Our team uses a wide range of equipment and can adapt to every type of event, from concerts to motorsport


  • Emergency Ambulances
  • Rapid Response Vehicles
  • Motorsport Specialist Vehicles
  • 4×4 Response
  • Specialist Motorcycle Response Unit


Event planning can be a daunting task & many event organisers are unsure of the level of Event Medical Services they require. ‘How many medical staff do we need?’ and ‘Do we need an ambulance?’ are common questions that event organisers have but don’t have the answers to, our Event Medical Services Risk Calculator may be able to clear up any questions.  Working with the Health and Safety Executives Purple Guide for event planning, we designed our Event Medical Services Risk Calculator based on the HSE’s scoring system.  This has been developed to guide you through the planning for medical provision that you may need for your event.

In order to get a better idea of the level of event medical services your event requires, simply answer the questions on the Event Medical Services Risk Calculator below to get your score and then use the conversion table to see what level of medical services you might require at your event.

Risk Calculator Score Conversion Table


This guide is designed to be just that, a guide, but you may find that if you do not adhere to the recommendations above, your SAG meeting may not approve your event application.  As an event organiser you have the ultimate responsibility to ensure that your medical provider is not only sufficient in numbers but also competent too.  At MCP Medical our Event Medical Services teams are trained, insured, uniformed and competent.  Trained by Paramedics and Nurses, our teams are some of the very best available and our aim is to provide excellent pre-hospital care and to reduce any impact on the local emergency services.

For more information please contact us now by using the form below or click here for access to the Purple guide from the HSE.